Over the past 30+ years of selling bulls, we have sold them in a variety of ways. We have been part of several different “consignment” bull sales, but in 2014, we finally settled on what works best for us and that is a Private Treaty Sale, starting with a “Kick-Off,” to give everyone the same opportunity for the bulls. We also starting feeding our bulls at home around then, too. The bulls have plenty of room to roam around in a 3-acre trap with multiple self-feeding bins, which we keep full of a high-roughage feed, that we grind ourselves. They also have free choice hay and mineral.

When it comes to selling our cattle, we feel that we have to let our cattle speak for themselves. But, that doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly trying to improve what we can provide to our customers. As such, we don’t ever sell a bull that hasn’t passed a BSE test. We want to be confident that when they leave our place, they are ready to breed cows. Also, we have been ultra-sounding bulls and heifers for the last 15 years and PAP testing for 8 years We feel that the more data we can provide for our customers, the better decisions they can make for their herd. Even with the genomic testing options, we still believe in ultrasound and we wouldn’t buy a bull without ultrasound data, so why should our customers? And, because we have customers who run their cattle at higher altitudes, we feel that it makes sense to just get a PAP score on each of the bulls.

For the heifers, we have regularly sold individuals to young people for show, as well as heifers and young cows at various consignment sales. We have now added several pens of replacement heifers to our bull sale offering each year and that has been very successful. One of the hardest sorts we make each year is with our replacement females, because we are getting so top-heavy with the quality and we simply can’t keep them all. So, we are continue to look for ways to market them, other than just sending them to the sale barn.


Saturday, March 25, 2023 at the Ranch in Model, Colorado 
Lunch served at noon, Bid-Off begins at 1:00.

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