Bill has joked before that "everything on the ranch is for sale!' Although that probably isn't completely true, they definitely appreciate the opportunity to offer their cattle to anyone interested. The bulls and several lots of replacement heifers are sold in the Spring, while individual females are routinely offered at the SEGA Sale in December as well as various other sales, as they occur. And, as the logo states, the Wilkinsons will stand behind their cattle, even after the truck and trailer drive off.


Saturday, March 27th at the Ranch in Model, Colorado | Lunch served at noon, Bid-Off begins at 1:00

We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

Currently, we have about 40 bulls on feed here at the Ranch. All bulls have genomic-enhanced EPD’s and will be ultra-sounded, PAP- tested and BSE certified. We feel that this year’s selection of bulls is a great example of listening to our customers’ needs. Over the last 3 years, we have purchased 5 new herd sires, added 3 bulls from our herd and sampled over 25 other sires through our AI program. As a result, we feel confident that we can meet a variety of needs for our customers – strong maternal traits for those wanting to keep their heifers as replacements, performance to add pounds to the calves out of your mature cow herd, and a great selection of “heifer bulls” and “dual-purpose bulls.” That being said, we have identified 17 bulls that we can confidently recommend for use on heifers – EPD’s above 16 for Calving Ease Direct (CED) and below -1.5 for Birth Weight (BW). Click Here to view our Bull Data file for a complete list of bulls on feed and their EPD’s.

Past Sales

2020 Replacement Heifers

Last year was a banner year for heifer calves, so we decided to keep nearly all of them.
We identified those that we thought would be outstanding replacement females, then bred them to proven calving ease Balancer bulls. There are around 75 head (68 black, 7 red) and they have been ultrasounded for March/April calves. Zoetis vaccination protocol was followed, so they will be able to go into just about any program out there. We will price them slightly differently, depending on how many you want and which ones. Call Bill at 719 680-0462 for more information.