Show Ring

Sydney, in the Show Ring

The Wilkinsons have been exhibiting cattle together as a family, since Sydney was a baby. It is something they all enjoy -- not just the displaying of their work, but also catching up with the lifelong friends they have made over the years. They routinely show at the Colorado State Fair in August and the National Western Stock Show in January, and, if time allows, they try to make it to the American Royal, as well. When younger, Sydney was active in the AGJA and the family traveled all over the United States, attending the AGJA's Junior Classic each Summer.

January 2022 - A Tale of Two Shows:

After the success of last year’s Cattlemen’s Congress in OKC, the city and its supporters decided to host the show again in 2022.  However, the NWSS was back with some new facilities, after the state-ordered COVID shut-down last year, so we had to make a decision.  Since the AGA National Show was in OKC and our hearts would always be in Denver, we chose to support both, taking a different show string to each – two pens to NWSS and five individual class entries to OKC.   It was definitely double the work this year, but we think it was the right choice for this year.

NWSS 2022

We took a pen of 3 Balancer bulls and a pen of 3 Gelbvieh heifers.  It had been a lot of years since we were down in the “yards,” and we had forgotten how much more fun it was.  Thankfully, the weather was beautiful this year and the new facilities are absolutely amazing!  No noisy generators, no long treks to exercise and loafing pens, bedding already in the stalls – basically a whole new world for Denver.

With the reduced numbers, some of us in the yards took a few head up to the Hill, which is next on the list for the new facilities.  We cannot wait to see what those will be like, but, judging from what we saw this year, they will be first class!

Our pen of heifers was named the Champion Pen of Gelbvieh heifers, with the bulls earning the Reserve Grand Champion banner.  We are always proud of our cattle and being able to exhibit them in this “inaugural year” of the new pens and show arena just made it more special.


OKC 2022

After the usual few months of deciding, then re-thinking and changing our minds, we finally decided on “Ham” (our bred Balancer heifer that we showed as a calf last year), 2 bull calves and 2 heifer calves. We were proud of them all and had some nice comments. (Our favorite comment – and we get it at pretty much every show we go to – is how good our cattle move out!) It was pretty much of a “middle of the class” day, but that’s okay. When we looked around at the quality of the show, we were okay with where we placed.


2021 Cattlemen’s Congress, Oklahoma City

When Denver cancelled the NWSS this year, Oklahoma City stepped up to host its “replacement.” Although it was a little farther trip for us, it was well worth it. Hats off to the planners of the event! We took the 4 head from the Royal and added another heifer and bull calf. In our opinion, this string was the best we have ever had. I know we say that each year, but we really believe it and that is our goal – take better cattle each year and present them better each year. We felt like we accomplished that goal this year.

We had our whole “crew” together again, so things ran pretty much like clockwork, meant Bill and Nancy had a pretty easy week! Megan Wait showed “Ham” (BNW Hallelujah) and Glitter in the Junior Show. Ham won her class again and Glitter looked great, but she got into some pretty tough competition and finished down into the class. In the Open Show, we had a “middle of the class” day - nothing at the top and nothing at the bottom. In the Balancer Bull Futurity, Granger generated a lot of positive feedback and complements. We will be expecting his first calves this Spring and plan on collecting/selling semen, as well.

BNW Glitter 9073G

BNW Harpoon 0121 H

BNW Granger 9126G

BNW Hallelujah 0067H

BNW Heirloom 0081H

2020 National Western Stock Show

Although each year rolls around and we think about exhibiting our cattle at different shows, it seems that Denver is the only one that consistently works for us. So, we place a lot of emphasis on the cattle that we take and their presentation. As such, this year’s NWSS showstring of 8 head created even more work for everyone, but it also brought a lot of satisfaction. We felt like this was our best bunch of cattle ever and we were gratified with many positive comments by fellow breeders, as well as the judge.

Kolton, Megan, Sydney and Josh

Thanks to Sydney, Kolton Aubochon, Megan Wait and Josh Waller for all the work getting the cattle ready, as well as the work there in Denver. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people and cattle!

BNW Plainsman Granger 9126G

1st in Class and Reserve Division Spring Bull Calf
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BNW Prairie Gal Fiesta 8085F

2nd in Class
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BNW Prairie Gal Glitter 9073G

2nd in the April Class
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SYD Boondocks Prairie Gal Gala 9051G

3rd in the March Class
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