Show Ring

The Wilkinsons have been exhibiting cattle together as a family, since Sydney was a baby. It is something they all enjoy — not just the displaying of their work, but also catching up with the lifelong friends they have made over the years. They routinely show at the Colorado State Fair in August and the National Western Stock Show in January, and, if time allows, they try to make it to the American Royal, as well. When younger, Sydney was active in the AGJA and the family traveled all over the United States, attending the AGJA’s Junior Classic each Summer.

2020 National Western Stock Show

Sydney, in the Show Ring

Although each year rolls around and we think about exhibiting our cattle at different shows, it seems that Denver is the only one that consistently works for us. So, we place a lot of emphasis on the cattle that we take and their presentation. As such, this year’s NWSS showstring of 8 head created even more work for everyone, but it also brought a lot of satisfaction. We felt like this was our best bunch of cattle ever and we were gratified with many positive comments by fellow breeders, as well as the judge.

Kolton, Megan, Sydney and Josh

Thanks to Sydney, Kolton Aubochon, Megan Wait and Josh Waller for all the work getting the cattle ready, as well as the work there in Denver. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people and cattle!

BNW Plainsman Granger 9126G

1st in Class and Reserve Division Spring Bull Calf
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BNW Prairie Gal Fiesta 8085F

2nd in Class
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BNW Prairie Gal Glitter 9073G

2nd in the April Class
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SYD Boondocks Prairie Gal Gala 9051G

3rd in the March Class
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2019 National Western Stock Show

Choosing cattle to exhibit at the NWSS seems to be a harder decision each year, and this year was no exception. The calf crop, especially the heifers, was just outstanding this year. And, with a self-imposed maximum number of six, the decision was made to take five calves and the two year old bull, BNW Eclipse. It was a good decision, as the cattle excelled – in both the show ring and in the positive comments received. As with last year, Bill and Nancy were able to divide their time between Denver and home, while Sydney, along with Josh Waller and Kolton Aubochon, took over the brunt of the work during the week at Denver. Looking back a the week, everyone agreed, “It was a very good year!”

SYD Boondocks Felicia 8076F

1st in April Balancer Class
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SYD Boondocks Fortuna 8098F

3rd in May Balancer Class
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BNW Fireball 8133F

2nd in Class and Reserve Division Champion, Spring Balancer Bull Calves
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BNW Plainsman Eclipse 7104F

4th in Class (see Eclipse on Herd Bull page; his first calves are coming this Spring)
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BNW Prairie Gal Fiesta 8085F

BNW Prairie Gal Fairplay 8067F